Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
I want to tke the time to express words of thanks after celebrating with so many, the Easter Triduum.  First and foremost I thank the Lord, Jesus Christ whose life, death and resurrection won for us eternal life and the guidance we need to live our lives (hopefully, like His).  I thank the Lord for all those whose efforts before, during, and after our Triduum liturgies made them beautiful and meaningful for all who participated in them.  I thank Tom Canavan, Bill Hurley, and all who helped make our Lenten Soup and Sandwich Supper and our Holy Thursday meal so successful and efficient in getting everyone served in a timely fashion.  Finally, I thank The Lord for our deacons for their presence and efforts at all of our liturgies.  The risen Lord does indeed live and move in so many here at Sacred Heart with blessings to many, including me.  (Finally a personal thanks for the greeting cfards and gifts that were given to me at Easter.  God bless you.)
Alleluia, The Lord has risen!  We are beginning the most joy-filled season of the Church year as we celebrate the reality of the crucified and risen Lord for 50 days.  Throughout the season (especially through the sprinkling rite at Mass), we are given a visible reminder of our death in Christ and rising to new life at our baptism.  We bask in the risen glow of The Lord, and we let His Spirit lead us to new ways of living our new life in Him.

I have witnessed the risen Lord and His Spirit working in many wonderful ways in this parish in these first ten months that I have been here.  Just as the disciples of the risen Lord were excited about their future, so am I excited about the future work of The Lord here.  I pray you share that excitement with me.

Starting Easter Monday (April 25), you are invited to join us at 8:45 a.m. on the days we have daily Mass to pray morning prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours, the prayer of the Church.  Prayer books will be provided which will remain in church after we pray the morning prayer.  Let this prayer form come alive in and through you as we begin the Easter season.
Last week’s continuing education conference for the priests of the diocese offered a presentation on the implementation of the new English translation of the Roman Missal which will take effect on the First Sunday of Advent this year.  We were encouraged to see this as a wonderful opportunity for priests, deacons and laity to grow in appreciation of the richness of our liturgical celebrations, especially the Mass.  It helps us to look broadly at the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, and see this new translation as one phase of an ongoing renewal which seeks always to be faithful to the richness of our tradition of giving worship and praise to God.  Finally, it presents us with a variety of helps to use in the parish to prepare us properly for this new translation.  I am excited about the results of this long-term effort by the Church to enhance our liturgical experiences of connecting with God as a community of believers at Mass.  Stayed tuned for what we will do to get ready here at Sacred Heart Church.