Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Representing Name Phone
Pastor Fr. Bill Elser 501-209-2502
Deacon John Froning 501-226-5506
Church Decorating 
Committee Rep
Sandy Darnell 602-418-3414
Ministers of the Eucharist 
Renee Steinpreis - Chair 501-922-4480
E.M.E's for the Homebound Marge Stehling 501-922-3837
Giftbearers Marcie Margel 501-922-9366
Lectors Michael Garstecki 
Music Lynne Border - Sunday/Resurrection Choir
Diane Patterson - Saturday Choir
Recorder Shirley Bartle 501-922-4631
Sacristan Carol Cruz 501-922-1428
Servers Bill Patterson 501-922-6965
Ushers Lanny Mabus 501-922-1193
Pastoral Council Liasons Karen Feckler
Mary Ann Farner
Member-at-Large Betty Mierzwiak 501-922-3374

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