Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
The Mass of Resurrection will be celebrated for Eileen Woods on Saturday, February 17, 2018, at 11:00 a.m.  Interment will take place immediately following Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Columbarium.  There will be a reception immediately following interment in the Lower Hall of the church.  Please pray for the happy repose of her soul.
The personal loss that death creates can be shocking and devastating.  Your parish community wants to be available to you during your loss and grief.  We want to help in ways that are most important to you.  So, if you do not need this information close-at-hand for the moment, please keep it for reference.  It could help eliminate confusion for you after experiencing the profound shock of loss.

The following listing is printed as a reminder of items to consider when planning a Wake Service or Funeral Mass. Your parish family is here to help.

Contact Information
Father William Elser 501-209-2502
Deacon Larry Lipsmeyer 501-922-3283
Deacon John Froning 501-226-5506
Church Office 501-922-2062

Death Notice
Memorial Gardens on Grounds
Notification of the death of a parishioner should be given to the pastor, deacon, or office staff as soon as possible. Services must not be scheduled through the funeral home before notifying the church.

Wake Service
A Wake Service can be held at the funeral home, chapel of the church, or in the church itself. Family members can schedule the service with the pastor or the coordinating deacon.


A eulogy for the deceased should be limited to five or six minutes and presented at the Wake Service; before, or after, the Funeral Mass.

Funeral Mass
A Funeral Mass is a Mass of Christian Burial and is celebrated only when a body or cremains is present at the Mass. Family members can schedule the Mass with the pastor or the coordinating deacon.

Memorial Mass
When the body or cremains is not present, an ordinary daily Mass for the deceased can be celebrated if (s)he is a registered member of the parish.

Gift Bearers
The family can choose two, three or four persons to take the gifts to the altar. These persons must be practicing Catholics. Please notify the coordinating deacon.

Family members can select a lector, who is a Catholic in good standing. The readings must be taken from the Lectionary for the Mass. This information must be given to the priest or coordinating deacon.

The coordinating deacon will help the family arrange for preferred religious music selections. No secular music can be selected. The services of the Resurrection Choir and organist or cantor and organist will be provided by the parish for the Mass of Christian Burial of a registered parishioner. 

A reception can be requested to be held after the Mass of Christian Burial of a registered member. Ladies of the Sacred Heart Guild members will provide and serve the refreshments in the Lower Hall of the church. If selected, notification must be given to the office staff at least 48 hours in advance, with an estimation of the number attending.

Release Form
This form, provided by the parish, is required when either the body or cremains is kept in the church overnight. A family signature is necessary to release the church from liability.

Family members can select flowers to order from any florist. A church representative will coordinate placement of plants/flowers on the altar.

The official Catholic graveside service must take place before any other services presented at the grave. Cremains housed in an acceptable container must be kept in a columbarium or grave. It is forbidden to have cremains spread anywhere, on the ground or over lakes; or, to keep cremains in homes or on mantel pieces.

Family members can supply a portrait or photos of the deceased for display in the narthex. Items selected should be at the church at least 24 hours prior to the service. Often your funeral home staff can help with this activity.

Holy Cards and Guest Books
The family can arrange with the Funeral Home staff for these items. Ask them to bring both items to the church at least 24 hours prior to the service.

Knights of Columbus
Knights of Columbus Memorial to the Unborn
A family member can contact a representative of the Knights of Columbus if your loved one was a member. Special services may be available.

Veterans of Foreign Wars
If asked, a member of the Funeral Home staff will contact a representative of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), if your loved one was a member. A ceremony at the gravesite can be scheduled.

Notify the office staff if you have preferences concerning memorials to your loved one’s memory. A notification sign for those attending services will then be made.

Giving Tree
Select a leaf for the Giving Tree in the narthex to be engraved with the deceased’s name. Requirements include a minimum contribution of $50 to the Memorial Fund.

Checks can be made payable to Sacred Heart of Jesus Church and left with the Office Staff.