Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas


In late 2015, 11 parishioners established an endowment for Sacred Heart Church to provide an annual payment to the Church for charitable outreach programs. At present this endowment is $12,500 and will provide an annual payout of $500 (4%). The larger the endowment amount the larger the payout for charitable use. This endowment was set up under the HSV Community Foundation and is under the fiduciary care of the state wide Arkansas Community Foundation. Anyone can contribute to this endowment. Please consider this endowment for a donation of any kind and please include it in your will when doing your estate planning. For more information call:

Donna Aylward 984-2605         Bill Roe 915-9501
Carolyn Bowers 915-8022   Mike Semmler 922-1838
Don Dierks 922-0046   Rolland White 915-8111
Bill Nosek 915-9000