Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
So, you retired from  your busy career and moved to Hot Springs Village.  You joined a sports group and became a member of a hobby group.  You then agreed to volunteer at a service organization; and, you met some really nice people and joined a neighborhood group.  Your calendar and life are full.  Who knew life could be so busy in retirement. And yet . . . might you occasionally find an hour in your busy week to quietly, prayerfully, peacefully spend with the Lord?  You don't even have to commit to every single week's specific day and time slot for becoming an adorer.  You can be a "sharing prayer partner" with an adorer.  You and your sharing prayer partner can work out a schedule for you to cover the selected day and time slot when a medical appointment or traveling necessitates your absence from Adoration in a particular week.  You can then "commit" to that particular week's day and time slot to be in the chapel sharing the responsibility for Adoration.  For those of us who are very much overcommitted, being a sharing prayer partner can be a very good way to expand our spiritual lives.  

He who loves you best would certainly smile to see you there in His holy place, just as He rejoices in being with you wherever you go, doing whatever you enjoy doing.  Take a moment and consider the opportunity to becoming a sharing prayer partner.  Call or e-mail Mike Kerwin if ths strikes you as something you could actually add to your busy life and reap so may benefits from.  Phone 922-1531; e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As the Lord has told us, "My yoke is easy; my burden, light."