Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Why do I need to go to the Perpetual Eucharistic Chapel to pray?  BECAUSE JESUS IS THERE!

Sacred Heart answered the call of the Holy Spirit to institute Perpetual Adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ.
WHY?   Because Jesus wanted it.  Since Vatican II all the Popes have called for Perpetual Adoration of Jesus.  We now have this beautiful Eucharistic Adoration Chapel and all parishioners have the opportunity to be in the Real Presence of Jesus and there is someone Praising and Adoring Jesus every hour of the day and night.  Jesus is God and He does not need our Praise and Adoration, but in His Great Mercy, He knows we need to Praise Him and Pray to Him in order to have life in us.  

Become an Adorer and spend an hour in His Presence.