Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
After my back surgery, a prolonged recovery, my husband's hospitalization and continued needs, I was, at last, able to return to the Adoration Chapel.  I knelt to pray, but instead, I was asking for His forgiveness for taking so long to return.  "O Lord, my God," I said in a whisper.  "Please forgive me and help me.  Give me strength and patience to continue taking care of my husband, Carl.  Please take my hand and guide me.  I need you, and please do not leave me; stay with me because I am afraid."  I continued my personal prayer as I lifed my eyes to Jesus' picture.  I saw the most brilliant colors in His face and He looked at me with a smile.  I whispered, "Will You forgive me?"  His eyes were looking at me and His great smile continued.  I said, "You are here," and I felt that I was in a beautiful place and at peace with myself.  I stopped a moment, thinking maybe I was hallucinating.  I looked up again, and Jesus was still looking at me with that wonderful smile as if to say: Believe me, I am here.

When I think of His smile, I am filled with love and serenity.  My prayer has been answered.  I have the strength to care for Carl, and I am filled with peace, patience and love.  Praise be to Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.