Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Dominos PizzaThe Knights of Columbus have worked out a special fundraising program with our local Domino's Pizza Shop.  This weekend is the last time to purchase a "Slice the Price" card, before or after Mass.  The card is sold for $10 each which entitles the holder to use the card as many times as desired - until June 30, 2018!  Pay for these fundraising cards by cash or check.  Cards sould be available for pick-up December 16/17.

When a card holder purchases one large-size pizza (14 inch) at regular price, that person will receive one large (or smaller) pizza for FREE!  The $10 card purchase does not go toward the purchase of your pizza.  It is a donation.  So, when you pay for one large-size pizza, you get the second pizza at no extra cost!  The card can also be used for larger purchases.  

See your Knights of Columbus this weekend!