Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
One of the blessings for me since I arrived at Sacred Heart has been the wonderful fellowship and good food that I have enjoyed at the homes of parishioners who have invited me over.  While I look forward to future invitations, I have been told that people would like to know what I like and/or dislike and if there is any food I can't eat. 

Well, here goes my response.  I like chicken, fish, beef and pork (in that order of preference).  I avoid eating fried foods.  I have to avoid spicy dishes (like Mexican food and chili) and I enjoy all kinds of Italian dishes, stews and soups.  I like most fruit dishes.  I like potatoes, rice, green beans, squash, corn and okra.  My drink preference is water, and I enjoy light desserts.

I am open to any more inquiries when you call to invite me to dinner in your home or a meal at one of the restaurants in the area.  When it comes right down to it, I enjoy the fellowship opportunity more than anything.  God bless all who have been kind to me in this way.