Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Click here
to access the Sacred Heart of Jesus Ministry Scheduling online system.  For quicker access, bookmark this web page in your browser.

Log in with the username and password sent to you by email.  If you have forgotten your username or password, contact your Ministry Leader as shown on the Ministry Scheduler Pro web page.

Click “My Schedule” to view the dates for which you are scheduled.
  • Click “request sub” next to a scheduled date to request a substitute for that date
  • If there are any sub requests submitted by other volunteers for which you are qualified to serve, they will appear at the bottom; click “volunteer now” to accept the sub request.
Click “Full Schedules” to view the schedule for all  ministries.  You can view the tabular or interactive versions.

Click “Rosters” to view contact information for other people in your ministry.  Use phone numbers and/or email addresses to contact people if you have a sub request that has not been filled.

Click “My Profile” to view or change personal settings.
  • Change phone number, address, or email address. You may enter multiple email addresses by putting a comma followed by a space after your email address.
  • You may make yourself inactive so that you will not be scheduled for future schedules (will not affect current schedule).
  • Set up (or suppress) email reminders for your scheduled dates
  • Set up (or suppress) emails when people who serve in your ministries request substitutes
  • Enter or change service time preferences for future schedules (will not affect current schedule)
  • Add dates you know you are not available to serve for future schedules (this will not remove dates from your current schedule)
  • Add additional notes/comments if there is anything else you want us to know – please don’t put can’t serve dates or service time preferences in comments
Click “Submit” when you have finished entering your changes.

You will not see your changes until after we have processed your information; this may take one or two business days after you submit your information.